Building Healthy Relationships, Sexuality, & Gender Identity

As parents and educators, it is our job and our joy to nurture the development of the whole child. That means addressing the cognitive, social and emotional lives of the child.

Children need adults who welcome their questions and provide honest, accurate information to help them navigate their world.

I offer parents and educators the knowledge and tools to lay the foundations for healthy relationships, sexuality, and gender identity in the children with whom they live and work. I also work directly with the young people and connect them to resources that support their healthy development.

Ellen Sanchez Consulting Services

Children Wonder

Parents Want to Know

Kindergarteners wonder…

—What happens to the umbilical cord?
—How does the sperm join the egg?
—Why do babies not come out of male bodies?

3rd–4th graders wonder…

—Do you have to go through puberty to have a baby?
—Can your period start at night?
—How many sperm are in a boy’s body?

5th–6th graders wonder…

—How do I tell someone I have a crush on them?
—Why do best friends fight?
—What do you do if you think you are gay but no one believes you or you’re too afraid to tell them?

7–8th graders wonder…

—How do I know if I’m ready for sex?
—How does alcohol affect the developing baby?
—Can you get diseases from oral sex?

—How much do I tell my child?
—What if they ask me when I first had sex?
—If they’re not asking any questions how can I initiate the conversation?
—Help! My 8 year old was online and saw all kinds of images she isn’t ready for!