Women and Wisdom

In these workshops mothers and daughters learn how to make the teen years ones that build closeness and lay the foundation for a lifetime of connection.

Discover answers to commonly challenging questions

  • What do we want our daughters to know about being women?
  • How do we help them set goals and identify ways to reach them?
  • What do they expect of themselves? What kind of person do they want to be?
  • What do they need and expect from their mothers and other significant people in their lives?
  • How do we allow increasing independence while keeping them safe?
  • How do we build the foundation for safe dating and healthy romantic relationships?These workshops provide the opportunity for mothers and daughters to enhance their common language and their connection at a time when so many stop talking and become isolated from one another. Mothers and daughters find answers together as they spend the afternoon talking, laughing and sharing.

Making it Easy to Talk about Dating and Sexteens embrace

As a parent, how do I get the conversation started? How do I make sure I’m giving the right messages?  As an educator, how do I discuss dating and sexuality in ways that don’t overstep my role?  This workshop helps parents and educators focus in on the most important messages and learn how to communicate those messages effectively, in the home and the classroom.



How to Talk to Children about Sex: Answering the Tough Questions with Confidence

The wonder of birth and babies

Young children are alive with curiosity about their world.  Questions about where they came from, how boys and girls bodies differ, where babies grow and how they are born arise naturally as they work to  understand their world and make sense of their experience.  In this workshop, parents and educators will have fun learning and practicing simple steps to answering children’s questions with a welcoming response and age appropriate information.

Workshops can be scheduled as a school event or independently for a group of friends, a youth group, soccer team, Girl Scout troop, you name it. Gather a group together and arrange a workshop.